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We deal with training on different areas and targeted across verticals in the industry. The areas on specifics such as Motivational, Stress Management, Personality Development, Communication Skills, CRM RFP, Qulaity Management Specifics, Delivery Mechanisms, and in on functional side of technologies targeting Business Analysts and Project Management audience. The Porfolio of the company can be showcased to the clientele based upon the needs and can be customized accordance to the audience at all levels.

Management Consultancy

The consulancy needs of the company can be addressed and a plan can be made for the company. Building of strategies for the company that affects the overall performance and would effect the growth prospects as well. We do study the system and formulate the plan that would have a direct impact on the processes, there by execution of the plan would be made in order to achieve the objective of the company.

Direct Marketing

We do maintain the database of across verticals in the industry and would build the data based on the needs of the company to achieve the long term objective of the company. We do update the contact details and do EDM campaigns and the awareness programs. The leads would be consolidated and would sent across to client in the form of MIS. Database Building across verticals of Management wise , profile wise, and designation wise. The reporting structure and the drill down analysis to be made and the action plan for the betterment of the campaign would be made and to be handed over to the company.

Segment wise data, maintanence of the data profile wise, and updatioon of data on regular basis, research done to capture the data, data maintanence mechanisms, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning, Updation of the data on regular basis, so that the data to be of uptodate for the delivery. Marketing of the data is an important function of the company. We do not sell the complete data, and would share across the minumum details to the client for the approval. Data is a key function and we would go and abide by our company norms and principles.




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